DTMT Achieves TRIFR Target

Date Published: 7/07/2014

DTMT has achieved the key performance target of reducing its Total Injury Frequency Rate below the target of 4.

DTMT set a performance target of 4 for the Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) approximately two years ago.  As a result an internal program was developed that focused on three things:

  • Communication

  • Participation

  • Humanity – our hearts and minds

The better provision of information through a poster initiative, monthly safety topics and a broader suite of procedures and SOP’s for us to use as a point of reference for how we do our work at DTMT, were some of the things that improved communication.

A comprehensive key performance indicator measurement tool was introduced amongst the supervisors and specific targets for the completion of Take 5’s and hazard reporting based on the number of hours worked, were used to get more people actively involved and drive participation in critical activities.

The introduction of the Commitment Card provided an opportunity to make the connection of how decisions and actions at work can have a direct impact on loved ones or something that is held to be of great importance.

These fundamental three elements packaged together make up the DTMT HSEC Focus Program. The support and commitment to the Focus Program by all employees over the past two years has been excellent and as a result, the target TRIFR of 4 was achieved.

The challenge remains for us all to keep the TRIFR below 4.